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Teacher Spotlight: Dyan Larsen



Mrs. Larsen has been teaching for 20 Years in Sidney, with another 12 outside of Sidney. Mrs.Larsen has enjoyed her time teaching and will continue to do so after she leaves Sidney. 

The first question we asked her was, “What inspired you to get into Education?” She explained that teaching was a profession that numerous family members had obtained over the years. When she was little, she used her stuffed animals and dolls as students and would teach them. She also had two high school teachers that inspired her to get into the field of Education. It’s something that she’s wanted to do since she was a kid.

The first teaching job Mrs. Larsen acquired was in Underwood, Iowa. She taught there for 5 years, but she met Mr. Larsen and wanted to get closer to Sidney.  She then got a job at Lewis Central and taught there for another 7 years. Then when there was an opening at Sidney, she went for it. 

Mrs. Larsen has been a Math Teacher at Sidney High School for 20 years now. While at Sidney, she taught Beginning Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, and Geometry. 

The biggest impact a student has made on Mrs. Larsen was a tough question for her to answer. She stated that seeing some of the hurdles that students have in their life and still being able to come to school and succeed was what stuck out to her. She says, “They might have gone through tragedy. I can't even imagine dealing with a death while going through school. It’s really inspirational.” Watching those kids persevere and continue on while working through it all is what inspired her.

 Past students would say that they think she’s energetic, but she wasn’t so sure that she is or was. She really likes to have fun, she loves the kids, and she really enjoys the connection she makes with them. She tries to balance fun and learning as well to the best of her ability. To Mrs. Larsen, that’s what it’s all about.

The plans after retirement for Mrs. Larsen are not so clear, but she has the summer to think about it. With family health conditions, she wants to be able to help when she can and continue doing what she loves. She said she would probably substitute, and if things get better, she’s thought about going back to teaching again.

One of the biggest strengths Mrs. Larsen said that helped her during her teaching career were the amazing people. She said that she loves people and enjoys building interpersonal relationships. Teaching has been that avenue for her. Every colleague she knows that leaves teaching always tends to discuss how much they miss the kids. She knows she will miss them too, and she believes it is the kids that have kept her in the classroom for so long.

The thing Mrs. Larsen likes most about teaching, are the kids. She says she loves the conversations she has with them. Something she often said was, “You guys are fun, you keep me young!”

Mrs. Larsen’s goal was for her students, even beyond the classroom, to take away that it is okay to be lifelong learners. She wants them to know that learning can be fun, and it will be fun if you let it be fun. Just take everything as a challenge, and persevere through it!

Lastly, Mrs. Larsen's greatest success with teaching were all of the celebrations throughout the years. One of the biggest things that stuck with her was the Charles E. Lakin Outstanding Teacher Award. She also received a check along with her award. The morning of, she had no idea that she would be the one winning it. She was elated with emotion and loved the surprise. Mrs. Larsen was delighted by the runner up nomination. She said that it was still very nice.

Thank you Mrs. Larsen for all your hard work and dedication you have put into the Sidney School district over the years!